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Philanthropy: It's easier done than said.

Nonprofit organizations provide essential services for Coloradans, by helping in emergency situations, ensuring education for many children and adults, bringing recreation and artistic opportunities to our families, and serving our animal friends well.

The Colorado Nonprofit Association provides leadership, education and resources to nonprofits from throughout the state, publishes information about nonprofits, and works to increase generosity and philanthropy in Colorado.

Philanthropy is the willing offer of time, goods, services and money to nonprofits and causes - by people just like you. This web site is designed to help you decide how best to get involved in philanthropy. It connects you with the nonprofits and causes you care most about - further igniting your desire to "make a difference" in your community. We want to do our part to help you live generously every day.

User’s Guide- While there is valuable information throughout the web site, these links will help you to find the pages that matter most to you right now.

Sites that Accept Donations - allows you to make a donation to the nonprofit or cause of your liking. It lets you complete a search to find a specific nonprofit to make a gift or sign up for volunteering directly. It also provides links to online giving portals, United Ways, federated campaigns, or Colorado community foundations.

Wise Giving - offers resources to donors that want to research nonprofits and understand their rights as donors. The site offers information about the new program, Check the Charity, lists tips from the Better Business Bureau about wise giving, highlights potential tax incentives that may be available to you, and provides an overview of what to look for when reviewing financial and program information about nonprofits. On the proactive side, it also offers ideas to help you develop a tradition of philanthropy with your family.

Get Involved - shares information about how you can find volunteer opportunities and special events that feed your generosity and help you support the causes and issues you care about.

For Kids - highlights ways that kids of all ages can get involved in philanthropy. Helping young people get involved in philanthropy, in every sense of the word, will build character and establish values that will last their lifetimes - producing the generous citizens and strategic, caring leaders we want in our communities. The page offers insight into activities and innovative programs designed to teach these values to our kids.

About Us - gives you information about the Colorado Generosity Project, the Colorado Nonprofit Association, and a whole lot of information about the nonprofit sector. Publications of the Association available on this page include Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence in Colorado; Return on Investment: The Economic Impact of the Nonprofit Sector in Colorado; The State of Giving: A Profile of Individual Charitable Giving in Colorado (2007 and 2008 editions); Generous Colorado: Why Donors Give; and Weathering the Storm: Challenges and Opportunities for Colorado Nonprofits During Recession.

Generous Colorado Blog - is our entree into the world of social media, and we want you to join with us in a conversation about philanthropy in the state. We will share information about giving, highlight projects and programs that are working to increase generosity and engagement, offer interviews and insights from volunteers and donors, and tell you about interesting events or books that might add to your understanding. Please read our blog and send your comments.

Together, we will identify and highlight the most successful strategies to make a more generous Colorado.

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